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Kicking up a stink

Kicking up a stink

Kicking up a stink

More Yank News,  Radio today

Think I give a shit

Of what the Yank man say

Yanks are suing  for the BP spill

The Vdub meddle and the blue tech chill

Donny signs a deal for the on/off cock

Strip search squeal at the standing rock

On/off cock. Standing rock

Yank news, Yank news

Getting bored of your bloody yank news

Yank news, Yank news. Yank news

Tell me now I should trust a Yank

To advise the city bosses

On the brexit wank

Unhinged scandal brexit gate

No prior preference, blind date

Yank news, Yank news

Getting bored of your bloody yank news

Yank news, Yank news, Yank news

Getting bored of y'…….

Simple vote, yeses and nos

Cut off your face to spite your nose

Looking right now like the policy sank

Find it fermenting in the sceptic tank

Policy sank.............sceptic tank

Yank news, Yank news

Getting bored of your bloody yank news

Yank news, Yank news. Yank news,

Getting bored of y'

Something in the tank starts to stink

Something in the sceptic tank starts to sink

Bankers, reds, nazis feasting on the muck

Futures, gain, profit mate

I couldn't give a fuck

Torygarc government, torygarc gain

Wall up, wall down, torygarcs remain

If we hadn't voted yes

Would we seek yank advice

On the hospital mess

Or PFI contract, shareholder gain

Brock genocide, 20000 slain

Argument's flawed, Haven't got a clue

What May hides in the latest brew

Rest assured, 2 year itch

Conjour up a profit for

The buddies of the bitch

What a farce on the radio today

Interview some nutters

Got something to say


Getting really bored,  bored of that news

Getting really bored of

All the big bomb muse

Getting sick and tired sick of that news

Sick of your obsession with

The Kim/Trump fuse

Yank fuse

Kim fatty's lighting the Yank fuse

Trump fuse Trump fuse Trump fuse

Kim fatty's lighting the Trump fuse

Yet again nation's on the brink

Whippin’ up a war with fatty

Kicking up a stink

Torygarc government, torygarc gain

Wall up, wall down, result is same

Torygarc government teeter on the brink

Pants down pants up do not drink

Mask all the other news. Hide all the lies

Negotiation; just a disguise

Yank views Yank views Yank views

Blur the deal with the

Veil of the Yank views

Yank views Yank views Yank views  

Hide the deal with the

Veil of the Yank views

© MOTH 2017

The BBC reports an excessive amount of idle news from the USA. This includes opinions aired by so-called experts from the USA on UK domestic policy. At the time of penning the lyric Trump and various Yank banker types were stating their Brexit opinions. It’s all part of the smokescreen to avoid reporting what’s really going on and who’s mates are profiting from big political decisions. The deals we will never see but Bogey are working hard to expose.


Torygarc [Tory+oligarc] is a label I devised to describe those who profit enormously from what was supposed to be a deal that was meant to serve the best interests of the nation as a whole.

So…… we aren’t that confident that the opinions of the Yank experts are well referenced or morally well founded. On the one hand they are seeking redress for some ecological misdemeanours. On the other hand they are trashing preserved tribal lands to shove big pipelines through.

The on/off cock is a stopcock on a pipe like a tap to shut the flow off. This also references the “will they/won’t they cancel it” tactics used partly to thwart the protesters.

Brexit gate [vis watergate etc} might be the name for the conspiracy. Somebody who makes weird and harmful decisions is said to be “unhinged”. The gate normally swings both ways to allow euro interaction and when removed from the hinge and resting on the ground it might interfere with the desired process.

The reference to sceptic tank is a double reference to septic tank as rhyming slang for Yank and also to an assembly of climate change sceptics, Eurosceptics or other classes of sceptic.

Not forgetting also that Yank=Wank.

So what other important stuff might we have sorted out if parliament was not wasting all this time on Brexit etc? Might we have got the whole bovine bTB lie exposed. Would we have got to the point of finding out who really benefited from the PFI setups?

This was penned when May was PM. They change PM more often than changing underpants but that doesn’t change the fact that the same incompetent Party is in Government. It doesn’t fool me that things will be any different. People say “Poor old Boris” inherited some tricky issues as if it were another part he was inheriting them from. He didn’t inherit them - he was part of their causation.

Then there was the ongoing love/hate good/bad relationship thing between Trumpykins and Kimmykins. One minute they had their hands down each other’s pants and the next they are slinging


Politics won’t solve all your problems.

(October 2019)

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