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These wings they give me freedom

I have crawled for far too long

I find an independence

A freedom makes me strong.

There may be sharp thorned bushes

But from those I will feed.

These wings they are so fragile

They beat and thus they bleed.    

And I 'm fighting at the web

They can't see through the state of pleb

And the spider doesn't know

That he will fall

And the spider does not know

Anything at all

There are too many poisons

Oh my brain it can't endure

Escape entails a flight of fancy

Suffer here and persevere

Oh cast a net around us

Placed for safety lest we fall

Fragile wings become entangled

Now I cannot fly at all

And I 'm fighting...........................

And now I see the parents

Fighting fighting at the web

How the spider feeds upon them

Can't see through the state of pleb

How it all seemed so transparent

Spun neatly across my path

Thought I could see right through them

Oh how I used to laugh

And I 'm fighting...........................

And then I felt so helpless

There's so little that I could do

I’ll just take a wild plunge

And hope that I break through

The lonely tree I follow

Sways freely a violent wind

Please let the bark to settle

Sanctuary I there may find

And I’m fighting...........................

Another flight of fancy

Left the field where the pupa grew

Yet again another horizon

An ugliness that I never knew

And I’m fighting...........................

© MOTH 1986

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