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When I was small

They seemed so very tall

They were much taller than me

They knew I was small

They knew they knew it all

And they knew much better than me

They knew much better than me

When I would bawl

They heard nothing at all

It sounded important to me

When I could crawl

They thought I 'd help them haul

But I guess I just thought I was free

I guess I just thought I was free

When I grew tall

They seemed so very small

I guess I just could not agree

They'd stutter and stall

They knew fuck all at all

Well it seemed just like fuck all to me

It seemed like fuck all to me

When I was sinking

So busily thinking

Your smallness it's not part of me

I'd crawl back inside

I’d hate them I’d hide

I forgot just how small I could be

I forgot how small I could be

With traps overturned

I listened I learned

I cursed as I climbed up their tree

Turned inside out oh

So sure I could shout

I remembered how small I could be

Remembered how small I could be

With unfolded wings

I thought of those things

They taught as I stumbled on truth

I cant see the sense

O’ your seat on a fence

And your yoke it will not yield to youth

Your yoke it will not yield to youth

They know no better than me

I guess I still think that I'm free.

© MOTH 1995

We are born and are guided. Some of that guidance is helpful. Some is unhelpful. We sometimes react in an immature way and may grow up to regret our reactions. It does not mean our stance is not valid. Let the fruit ripen.

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