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Perched on a haven headland

I wait and I watch the waves and

I know things will never be the same

Strolling  searching across the soft sand

Pushing pebbles past a putrid sea strand

A simple seagull suggests he's not to blame

The heat hangs on the horizon,

A cool comfort to cast eyes on

As they destroy a beauty

They will never understand

A cruel current caught me,

And finally friends fought free

And severed that which

Held my hand

And the sea and the sky

beckon to me, beckon to me

And I know yes I know

Its going to be a different game

And I know yes I know

That I’m not to blame

Replenish rock pools before the sunrise,

Never saw much else with my eyes

As the waves they washed and

Beat the shore

In despair I drowned a grey day,

And soaked I sank in my own way

You knew it well I never

Wished for more

Like limpets leach the cool slate,

Lie lonely until it gets late

The tide retreats and

I wait for the end

Now her ocean breeds before me,

Maybe her movements haunt me

And it's too complex

To comprehend

And the sea….

Suspended sliding on strong wings

Loftily the lone skylark sings

To the sea and the sky

Never meant any harm

I fell a fractured cliff face

And felt afraid of that face

The waves return and

The sea is calm

And the sea....

© MOTH 1991

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