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What can I say

When I've nothing to say

No justification to fight?

If I'm only breaking

Those laws that I'm making

Then no laws but no laws are right

The ivy is climbing

And so surely finding

Her future she strangled away

When you live for a lusting

That's tainting your trusting

Do you storm out or simply stray?

1 show me anarchy

2 show me love

3 show me an anarchist falling in love

Possessive or paranoid

Call it what you will

I never denied those fears of you

The acrid abuses

Are empty excuses

Beat around the bush 'till we're blind

The things that I tell you

I might just as well chew

Over in the back of my mind

The relevance of revelation

Your haste your hesitation,

So afraid that I'm so fucking tired

I sink to their standards

Their bitching back-handers

Archaic backbiting acquired

Can't buy me anarchy can't buy me love

Maybe this anarchist can't buy love

Depend on my dreams

Rely on what's not real

I know that it never can be

You borrowed time from boredom

For a fix can't afford them,

Say their money don't buy you their lies

Keeping my distance

It ain't that much different

To the buzzin' in my brain that belies

Now your honesty is a virtue

That's just there to hurt you

Disguising your gauntlet of guilt

My confidence crumbled

I murmured i mumbled

The jabbering jetsam of jilt

When you sold out to anarchy

You sold out to love

Maybe this anarchist just sold out to love

© MOTH 1994

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