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Jeer at the jackal

You shod with a shackle

Judges make their merry jest

I tread for the tackle

Where the hatred hackle

Strive for their Sunday best

The stones still standing

The druids demanding

Dreds deserve their destiny

A desperate defiance

A policeman's appliance

Pleased to hear my painful pleas

But how can he care of that world

That doesn't care about you

He's a rebel he’s got a cause

And you know he'd thought it through

Would his fearless finger

Have a lust to linger

If it felt it was poking fun

In the depths of deception

A policeman's perception

His deed so dirtily done

A time to treasure

At Her Majesty's pleasure

Doctor drowns in disrepute

I'm logged on your ledger

With madness as a measure

Of a mind that you muffled and mute

The crying echoes through the halls

The screaming penetrates the walls

Then suddenly the whole place falls

There's nothing left that does not crawl

If you prefer progression

That reeks of regression

And status is your solitary strength

If insanity is ideas

Stability is your fears

You'll lacerate the lune at any length

Then how can you care of that world

That doesn't care about you

You're a rebel and you've got a cause

You know you've thought it through

© MOTH 1990

Phil Russel aka Wally Hope was one of the instigators of the Stonehenge free festivals in the early 1970s. He was arrested in order to silence him and to crush his wonderful energy. He was sent to a mental hospital and given incorrect doses of several types of psychotic medication. There is also some question about the safety of medication combinations prescribed. He was released before being sufficiently weaned and without proper aftercare or support. He eventually died as a result.


Lune/loon = lunatic

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