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(Domhwelus - Rogue Trait version)

Kept in a corner

A cupboard is closed

Going against the grain

Their patterns opposed

Leaded lights laugh at

The larynx that lies

And the barrister Bannister

His beetle belies

Woe cabinet maker

Don’t you build a box just for me

Thatcher was the masturbator

She didn't set all her ugly dickheads free

There's a whitewash in Whitehall

And the woodworm have wives

Trapping the treasury

A tenacity that ties

And Margaret she murmured

Her monetary moans

Her lethargy is leaving

A legacy of loans

Woe cabinet maker

Don’t you build a box just for me

Major was the masturbator

Didn't set all his ugly deadheads free

The left lay bare with blue blood Blair

And bent on down with Botty Brown

We just “Carry On”.....

Your happiness it hinges

On brass held of screws

Her varnish is tacky yet

Her surface seems smooth

Erasing the greenwoods

Fill your coffins with cones

Won't your arrogant architrave

Leave the anarchists alone

Woe cabinet maker

Won’t you build a box just for me

You're just a masturbator

Why didn't you set all your

Ugly dickheads free

Same carry on

With Cameron

Future's grey

With Maggie May

Rot away

Maggie May

Such a clown

Can't Nail it down

Lid on my coffin and you nail it down

© MOTH 1990-2016

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The latest chapter in the Cabinet Maker saga. First penned in 1990 when Thatcher was Prime Minister, it gets updated occasionally for subsequent holders of office.

Maggie May is the latest version.

An earlier version from 1991 features on AnArchitrave’s  “A Lintel’s Lament”.