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Moonlit night, utter delight

Snout for a worm or two

Infra red sight, take no fright

Gather woodrush with you

Ruin my lunch, keeping a bunch of

Bovine in my larder

Glass on the floor, by the door

Makes it harder

BBBBBB bovine blame

Ain't the cause, of y’ muckspreader wars

Bullshit sours the stream

Ripe on the road, another spilt load

Mud ain't what it seems

Don't do milk, or stuff of that ilk

Much beyond 10 weeks old

Sure as silk, my cause is zilch

Krebs came in from the cold

BBBBBB bovine blame

Brock stands in dock

Between hard place and rock

Misinformed rifle of fool fires from afar

Brock nurses knock

From farmer who follows the flock

It ain't no joke as it jars his jaws ajar

BBBBBB bovine blame

Spade's a spade, dent it made

Die with the DEFRA lie

Porton Down's, poison clown

Cooks up a pie in the sky

What is worse, cattle curse

Stats that snare my sneck

Black and white, the human might

Will never foul my feck

BBBBBB bovine blame

Brock twixt tick and tock

Can't turn back the clock

And the barb-hooked bullet of

A sniper's in his skull to stay

Brock searched for Spock

Trusted a time travel doc

And the blood of the bovine

Blame just bleeds away

BBBBBB bovine blame

Lets have a look at your brain

Coz Brock is not to blame

BBBBBB bovine blame

Brock is not to blame

Brock is not to blame !!!!!!!

© MOTH 2016

An old newpaper cutting from 1982 declares  “Brock is innocent OK”.

Phil Drabble was protesting at the then MAFF's gassing of badgers.

Brock's holocaust continues in 2019.

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Woodrush (greater) = bedding material

Sneck = nose/snout , N. English dialect

Krebs = Gov’t advisor on bovine TB

Barb-hooked = metaphorically embedded