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Achlys texted, she got the word

She said "I suppose you've heard

.....  about Boris?"

I pulled up quick, the online news

Desperate masses, fools to choose

Numbed by all the cheers and booze

I don't know where it's leading

Or where it's gonna go

Guess he's got a reason

But I just don't wanna know

Too long now, livin’ with the lies of Boris

Too long now

Waiting for a deal

Cussin’ all the wastage

All the cash they steal

Too long now, livin’ with the lies of Boris

Spill the French wine, after dark

Glass way past half full mark

N'N'N'N'N'N'  Not a simple drink in the park

Boris shares, investment tips

Group 4, Tarmac, ferry ships

Carefully basted quasi-eloquent quips

They don't know why they're leavin’

Or where they're gonna go

For winter fruit and cooking gas.

Borders workin’ slow

For three long years

Waitin’ for a plan from Boris

Three long years takin’ all the piss

Penning silly limericks; it's all gone amiss

Three long years

Waitin’ for a plan from Boris

Runways, cull zones, Turkish baths

Too far along the garden path

Pass the buck

Pass the buck of the aftermath

There once was a chap called Boris

Had something wrong with his norris.

He tried not to hurt her

As she sat on the squirter

Jerked off to a poster of Doris.

I don't see how it's workin’

Or when it's gonna blow

Boris up for treason

Another media show

Too long now,

Trustin all the tossers like Boris

Too long now beatin round the bush

Just another sucker

With a great gob full of mush

Too long now digging up the dirt on Boris.

Achlys said "Now I'm still here

You know I've been waiting 3000 years"

The doom and gloom disappeared

I don't care when he's jerkin

Or who he has to blow

When bowin’ down to leaders

With Goveykins in tow

Everyone's sayin’ that they're

Tired of the twat called Boris

Too long now had it really cush

Verbose little fucker

With a great gob full of mush

Everybody's sayin’

"had it up to here with Boris"

Everybody's sayin that they’re so sick and tired of Boris

Everybody's sayin that they’re so sick and tired of Boris

Lyrics by MOTH 2019

Original by Nicky Chinn / Mike Chapman

Boris is a parody based on the song “Alice”. It depicts the return of Alice who was actually Achlys in disguise.

Since recording this the bullshit detector has been constantly in the red. Boris was found guilty of telling lies to the Queen yet was not arrested when he returned to London. Lies are a serious matter where they are an element of wider fraudulence. He was allowed back into the House of Commons to continue with his manipulation with impunity.  He has been part of the same party as Mrs May and changing the leader doesn’t change the fact that the party as a whole is guilty of gross incompetence.

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Norris is playground rhyming slang for phallus. (Norris McWhirter == squirter).

The limeric is a reflection on the one Boris wrote about the president of Turkey being a “wankerer”

Boris instigated the ban on drinking alcohol in public places yet the effects of Boris drinking in private have been felt beyond the confines of his abode.