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Berty Blob is the founder of BOGEY. Berty has since teamed up with other misfits to form the BOGEY eco-heroes. Each member has his/her own unique blend of quirky characteristics and abilities. These complement each other and combine to give a formidable invincibility to the group.

Berty Blob has a genetic mutation of the mucous membrane. He is consequently endowed with a very fine sense of smell and a very tenacious type of snot. He puts these traits to very good use. His is able to glue most things to most other things where regular adhesives fail. The stuff also works under water. He needs to attend in person because the snot has a very short shelf life. He is also very good at bouncing.


Hewie was the first to join Berty on his adventures. His specialities are blowing and sucking so he was able to quickly re-inflate the harpoon-punctured assault craft once Berty had finished gluing on the patches. He also spends a lot of time as a vacuum cleaner clearing up the detritus of society. The snout is very malleable, extendable and flexible and has prehensile ability. Another remarkable characteristic is the ability to make really loud noises by forming a natural megaphone. The rest is classified as top secret.


The Eyes are deployed either individually or as a team.

Individually* they blend in by mimicking the occurrence of any eyes that might naturally occur in the environment they wish to infiltrate. This might include assuming the identity of eyes on characters depicted in billboard posters and in works of art. Next time you get the feeling that the eyes on that Rembrandt are following you then it might be worth investigating although they are very good at evading detection or prising.  

As a team they largely act as a swarm in a similar manner to a swarm of bees clinging to the branch of a tree. They do not fly but can expel individual members at high velocity by squeezing from the centre of the swarm like a lemon pip. They engage in reciprocal support and by bunking each other up the whole group can access places that they could not reach individually.

 (*or in pairs - they are assigned to a recurring partner)


Willy was the grossly underdeveloped, co-joined twin of royalty, mistaken for a hairy mole and surgically removed soon after birth. The tweezers damaged his eyes. To partially compensate for his blindness he does have sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth senses. His main role is the use of his immaculate skills of analysing all non-visual information to land him the role of chief bullshit detector. He often bumps into things when concentrating on other sensory stuff so he wears the bright red helmet. He rarely goes undercover and relies upon exploiting the impairment ticket. He has a selection of helmets of identical external appearance with each embodying different high tech equipment. The precise functions are classified top secret.



There are many other members of the clan. They are working under cover as cleanskin operatives and their identities can’t be revealed at this time. Some might appear here later on.


Grimmy is an abrasive affiliate of BOGEY, and turns up every now and again with bleeped or unbleeped speech and one of a variety of prophetic flags. Normally as a reaction to some naff form of behaviour by politicians or in a post-apocalyptic situation. Grimmy is of indeterminate gender and identifies as skeletal.





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