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Moses went down to the bank

Had a word with uncle Ank

Took some cash he'd been paid

From papyrus he had made

Bank rhy......mes with Ank

He's the man that Mo should thank

Eddie went down to the bank

Had a word with uncle Hank

Eddie needs some brand new blades

Overdraft swiftly made

Bank rhymes with Hank............

He's the man that Ed should thank

Freddie went down to the bank

Had a word with uncle Frank

Freddie wants a brand new stone

Says he needs a whoppin loan

Bank rhymes with Frank................

He's the man that Fred should thank

Moses got a bill today

For the loot he stashed away

Moses says “I just don't get it

This must be an odious credit”

Rock paper scissors stone

Round and round the debt has grown

Moses says “I've got a plan

Wrap the stone as best I can

Eddie says “My scissors new

Cut  papyrus clean in two”

Freddie says “My piece of rock

Surely give the edge a knock”

Banker rhymes with anchor

Banker rhymes with hanker

Banker rhymes with franker

Banker rhymes …..

Banker rhymes with …...

When you sussed out who owes who

What is left for banks to do

What bit is it you don't get

Quasi funded odious debt

Geo funded odious debt

Crypto funded odious debt

OPEC funded odious debt

Banker rhymes with oil tanker

Tanker 's lost its massive anchor

Banker rhymes with anchor

Banker rhymes with............

Rock paper scissor stone

In the free deflation zone

Banker rhymes with canker

Banker rhymes with pranker

Banker rhymes with 'anker

Banker rhymes

Clearly, you ain't got it yet

Inflation can't end third world debt

Your mortgage and  your salary

Exacerbating  poverty

With no more resource left within it

Global wealth must reach its limit

Rock paper scissor stone

Out the window debt is thrown

© MOTH 2018

We are told there is no magic money tree yet there seems to be a magic money forest that sheds the higher denomination banknotes that reflect inflation. There is no real increase in global wealth and the currency is merely churned about in the cauldron to which stolen resources are added and it’s then all mixed in with a big spoon. There is a bit of a vicious circle thing going on there and ladles full of the stuff are then dealt out to whoever can stake claim to it by whatever cleverly adjusted means.

The humbler tribes left behind have not prostituted themselves or the natural resources of which they are the guardians. They have a wealth that is far greater than the festering cauldron. The kids are playing a game and devise a rather subversive plan; not for their own selfish gain but to prevent squandering of the planet’s real wealth.

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