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VERSION fief2.0 27th September 2019

  1  General

I am required to explain the responsibilities of the visitor/ buyer and webmaster/seller to you. This is so that we are both aware of the way in which we are to conduct business. It is my responsibility to supply the buyer with goods that meet the buyer's consumer rights. If you have any concerns that I have not met my legal obligations please contact me. If there is anything you don't understand then please email me.

  2  Statement of Intention and Site Ethos

I aim to supply sound recordings and works of other art genres to a wider customer base than is otherwise traditionally possible. Everything is pure punk/folk poetry be it a lyric with musical harmony,  or a piece of fine art with a satirical stance. The intention is to share the thoughts, whims, experiences, observations etc in order to assist other folk in their lives. This is done through a variety of artistic media. This is consistent with the original Punk ethos of peace, love, self enablement, self expression, freedom of speech, mutual support etc.  Some of my content may seem dark at times but is a necessary part of the healing process and making the world a better place. This may also raise some cash to help continue the project.

  3  Copyright

Copyright exists in all content herein including but not limited to all sound recordings, prose, poetry, paintings, photographs, drawings, designs, sketches, trademarks, logos and in all other original subject matter. Copyright exists in all reproduced and duplicated works offered for sale on this website.  This is to stop someone else distributing these works and making a load of money from it that could otherwise be ploughed back into projects here or to prevent the promotion of things that conflict with the Fiefarts ethos.  Having said that, permission will normally be given for the use of  works for campaigns and charitable aims where these do not conflict with the ethos.

  4  Products Offered for Sale

  4.1  Browsing of Products.

Welcome to the website. You are free to browse at your leisure. You are welcome to request additional information that you may require to enable you to make a sound and conscientious decision regarding your intention to make a purchase. You will notify me if any website or communication content is misleading or ambiguous. While visiting this website you will be patient and courteous at all times. You will not do anything, intentional or otherwise, to subvert the regular operation of this website or the assisting services used herein. You will notify me if any human interface or navigational elements do not seem to function properly in your browser. I can personally attend to most aspects of site functionality within 24 hours.

  4.2  Item Description and Photography

I aim to describe the products to the best of my abilities using sound clips, photographs, hand-drawn sketches and descriptive text. Sound clips are available to enable you to gauge the musical style and sound recording quality of the item offered for sale. Some sound clips are rendered as MP3 files. The actual CD versions are full home-duplicated16 bit (.wav) versions. Some song lyrics and poems may occasionally contain a word deemed to be offensive. Items thus endowed are given a “fiefCert” rating. You accept that some song lyrics and poems may also be deemed to be of a provocative nature. Printed works will often be of a higher resolution than the website samples due to the need for bandwidth economy.

You understand the differences in quality that are likely between home-engineered and factory-engineered sound recordings.

  4.3  Price of Item

Prices are not currently subject to VAT. If we are lucky enough to experience a very huge surge of sales then we might be required to charge VAT and thus reserve the right to do so.

The prices are shown next to the item on the shop pages.

  4.4 Fief’s Lore and the Artistic Process.

You accept that all sound recordings are of an unconventional musical and lyrical content. Items are all home-duplicated or printed. Content is intended to provoke and stimulate social change for a healthier and better planet. accept no liability in respect of charges of sedition brought against you by the authorities for possession of any subversive content. We will endeavour to campaign on your behalf .

  4.5  Dimensions and Units of Measurement

No standard system of measurement is used in this website and no adherence to any such system is implied by the adoption of any units of measurement herein. CD track lengths are approximate and are those quoted by the music production software in use. These are taken in good faith.

4.6  Commissions and Bespoke Items

The artists and performers featured herein can be commissioned to provide bespoke works of art, graphic design, logo design, sound recordings, sound tracks etc. Special contract arrangements apply to such endeavours.

  5  Ordering Products – Your Offer to Buy

When you order items that is called your “offer to buy”. You can add further instructions via email before ordering.

All goods must be paid for in full at the time of ordering. The regular method of payment is PayPal. This is the quickest, safest and most easily managed method and payments are processed even when I am not in the office. Order details are automatically linked to payments and both parties have records of the transaction from the onset. I do not personally handle credit or debit cards but you might be able to use those at the PayPal checkout. Other methods of payment might be implemented in the future.

If you do not use PayPal or wish to order off-line please contact me by email stating the item description and code (as found by adding to the minicart without going to checkout)

  6  Acceptance of your Offer

You may withdraw your offer to buy. The right to withdraw ceases and the creation of a contract between us happens when I accept your offer. Acceptance of your offer occurs when you receive my confirmation of my receipt of your payment and order. This email will be in addition to (and is not to be confused with) any automated response from PayPal or other payment service provider.  If I need to modify the contract (excessive lead time or forseen extraordinary delay) then I will give you an additional option to withdraw before accepting. I may decline all or part of your order for any reason, in which case I will inform you by an extra email prior to accepting.  

  7  Cancellation of Your Order

  7.1  Bespoke products and services

There is no right to cancel for the following: custom items, bespoke items, personalised items or items made to customers' specification and dimensions. This includes CDs burned with a custom playlist.

  7.2  Off the Shelf Items that are not personalised.

Items that are resalable will be subject to a right to cancel.

In the event of any cancellation you will be required to repay any component of the cost that has been exclusively incurred on your behalf thus far. The cancellation period expires after 14 days, starting the day after the day on which the goods come into your physical possession or that of the person to whom you asked me to deliver the goods. So you have the time between acceptance of your offer and your receipt of the goods plus 14 days.  Please see the returns section (section 10) below.

There is a link to a cancellation form below. You can use a different form if you wish.

  8  Implementation of your order.

  8.1  Completion Date

By placing an order, you agree to grant me sufficient time in which to procure the products and supply the goods. I aim to do this within the time given in my email reply. This may be affected by fluctuations in supply chain and other factors outside of my control. Due to the his might be greater than normally experienced when buying goods online. Where items are ordered that stated as being out of stock or awaiting release you agree to a more relaxed delivery schedule.

  8.2  Postage, Packing and Delivery

I use Royal Mail, Parcel Force or other agents who deliver during regular working hours. Postage and packing is charged at cost. The automated website postage calculator is configured to cater for the quantity in a single “Add to cart” entry. It  is not designed to cater for combined shopping carts containing several products. Postage will initially be charged as if each purchase were made independently. l will, however, endeavour to combine multiple parcels and postage where appropriate. Overcharged postage will be credited back to the customer. This is not done until you confirm receipt of your parcel. Deliveries to far-flung corners of the UK mainland and beyond may incur a surcharge. Customers so affected are normally well aware of their situation and the likely amount. The buyer must pay any surcharge due. This can be done via the bespoke payment form where available  by entering  the code “SURCHARGE” followed by the POSTCODE whereby I still refund any excess. If you don't pre-empt this requirement then I will need to advise you and this will involve additional communication and delay.

You need to provide the following with your order:

1. Full delivery address.

2. Detailed delivery instructions if the location of the building or delivery portal is not immediately obvious to a stranger.

3. Details of any extraordinary dates that delivery should not be attempted.

Dates in 3. above should be extraordinary and must allow a remaining block of permissible dates during which delivery may be attempted. You agree not to delay, hamper or otherwise disrupt delivery attempts made on the permissible days.

  8.2.2  Regular Service - Receiving Your  Goods

For items that won’t go through the letterbox you agree to ensure that someone is available at the  destination address during the likely delivery date/time period to accept the goods and sign for them. Failure to do this will result in the goods being returned to your local delivery depot and you will be advised accordingly by the delivery agent.  The customer must follow the instructions regarding a subsequent redelivery attempt, or may choose to collect from that depot.

There are limits on the number of redelivery attempts and on the length of time a parcel can be retained at the depot. If you exceed your quota of redelivery attempts then you accept that you may have to go to a post office, Royal Mail Depot,Parcel Force Depot or other to collect your Item. You agree to make yourself familiar with the location of depots available in your area. If you have a preference for a particular method of delivery because of the proximity of depots serving the destination address then you must advise me by e-mail at the time of ordering. If you fail to follow the redelivery instructions or to contact the delivery agent then the parcel may be forfeited or returned to me. Delivery agents refuse to serve my premises due to the nature of the access track. I will thus need to make a special journey to retrieve your parcel and I will have to charge you for any costs thus incurred and you will then need to arrange collection from me at your own cost.

If you cannot satisfy these requirements then you must choose an alternative delivery service.

If you want your parcel to be left where there is nobody to sign for it or receive it then that is done entirely at your own risk. You must inform me of this requirement at the time of ordering. Please note that delivery agents will not be able to leave a parcel at an address other than that on the delivery label. They will not be able to ignore the requirement for a signature where one is specified.

  9  Damages and shortages

Notification of damages and shortages should be received within 3 days of receipt. I will rectify any shortages or resolve problems as soon as possible, and I will keep you informed of progress. I will not accept any claim relating to the condition or quantity of goods delivered unless formal written notice of any such claim is received by me within seven days of the delivery date. This must be backed up by an email alerting me to the impending arrival of paper mail..

  10  Returns.

You must inform me of your intention to return goods before sending them. Returns in respect of cancellation can only be made in certain circumstances. (Section 7 refers). You must return the items promptly and in no case later than 14 days after you inform me of the cancellation. If the 14th day is not a working day then this must be the very next working day. Working days means all days other than Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. In the case of cancellation I will issue you with a full refund for the cost of the product plus delivery. Customers wishing to return items to me must do so at their own expense.

Your goods must be returned to me complete and in ''as new'' condition.  Any free accessories or complementary installation hardware received with the goods must also be returned. Whilst the goods are in your custody you must take reasonable care of them. Goods must be unused, undamaged, and handled to no greater a degree than would have been the case had you viewed them in person at a shop. They must not have been used as props for display, theatre, film or photography purposes. Copyright exists on all works. If you wish to hire items please email a request.

Goods must be repackaged to a similar standard and configuration as when you received them. Original packaging may not have the same strength second time around.

Customers wishing to return items to me must do so at their own expense. Please bear in mind that my outgoing postage may be subsidised or subject to bulk deals. The postage you will have to pay may be considerably higher. This also applies to the cost of approved packaging materials.

A restocking charge of 50% will be levied if goods are returned without prior agreement.

  11  Suitability for Use, Fitness for purpose etc.

I am not responsible for any costs or damages associated with a product’s use, misuse or incorrect installation.  Where labels are affixed to a compact disc these should be checked for integrity prior to each playing. If you are in doubt then you must use the services of a suitably qualified person. All items require appropriate attention during installation and storage and proper after care to ensure a long and trouble free service life.

  12  Guarantee.

  Items are guaranteed for the statutory period as defined by consumer law. Warranty is void if  items have not been used or stored with due care.and attention.

13  My Details

  13.1  Me

Tim Young /Moth/Mot Hulus/Mothulus Scrufulus

  13.2  Postal Address and Returns only.

c/o Berty Blob

Nose Cave #1

The people’s free state of BOGEY

  14  Postamble.

These terms and conditions, and all transactions relating to this website and all non-contractual obligations arising from any transaction carried out on this website are governed by BOGEY law and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the BOGEY courts. We do not accept amendments to these terms and conditions.