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In 2017 Greggs bakery issued a Christmas image depicting a sausage roll in a nativity scene instead of a baby Jesus. This attracted much scorn from members of the Christian community. Berty Blob thought Greggs should have been more honest and used a pig instead of the sausage roll because that’s what sausages are made of. So three of the bogey clan dressed up as three kings with squeaky the piglet in tow. Greggs took notice and in 2019 they introduced a vegan version of the sausage roll. They still sell the pig versions and they haven’t amended their nativity scene to include a pig. (Nov 2019)


DEFRA/APHA/NatEngland have not provided a proper explanation of the modes or vectors of transmission that adequately explains the distribution pattern and occurrence clusters of the the various bTB spoligotypes. Clusters of individual strains have been erroneously attributed to transmission by a local wildlife vector. Significant incidences of Spoligotype 0263 were recorded in N. Yorks and Pembs but not smeared all over the counties in between. If the badgers spread tB as claimed then we would expect the land between York and Pembroke to be continuously and consistently contaminated with 0263 by their snouting about and wanderings but this is not the case. The badgers certainly didn’t hich-hike in order to leapfrog the interim. So there is obviously another vector or several non-meles vectors with a common thread. That common thread is cattle and the varying inconsistent degrees to which biosecurity is understood and managed. In this lot there’s the postie who visited everyone in the local farming community in a single morning and trod in some muck and touched the gate latch and touched the letter then touched someone else’s letter and patted the dog then got some more muck on his van tyre. And so on.

Badgers are not a significant index vector and are culled unnecessarily in a vain attempt to control an epidemic that is primarily caused by poor livestock husbandry, poor hygene and cattle movements.

Mr Gove was the minister for badger affairs at the time of writing. Even though he has a new job now he should still be held to account for his gross incompetence regarding the implementation of cull policy. If ministers weren’t allowed to shrug it so easily they might think twice about being so useless at understanding all the facts pertaining to their decision making in the first place.

They don’t know how 263 spread and they don’t know why there are dull spots in the clustering. They should therefore call a halt to the cull immediately. Those responsible should be prosecuted for crimes against legally protected species.

Furthermore, badger campaigners and guardians should be compensated for damages, expenditure and loss of earnings caused as a result of the Government’s negligence.

Willy Wig, chief bullshit detector, can even detect nested bullshit. That is to say…. he can detect the bullshit in bull shit.   




There is much to moan about and each moan could (and indeed many do) have a whole website to itself. This page attempts to augment that process with novel fiefarts  thought and input, rather than regurgitating reams of content from elsewhere.

Berty Blob went to Barcelona.

Back in 2016 the Spanish interfered with the Catalan autonomous ban on Bullfighting. There is a similar ban in the Canaries. In 2017 Madrid clamped down on Catalonia’s efforts to preserve its autonomy.

Barcelona erupted again in autumn 2019 because officials of the regional government had been given long prison sentences for  “sedition”.

So in this instance the definition of sedition has been altered to criminalise adherence to policies that safeguard the integrity of that autonomy. The framework for that autonomy was previously agreed and laid down in law yet Madrid is preventing the regional government from carrying out its obligations.

So the result is that we have political prisoners in an EU country. Are we selective about which nations’ actions and human rights violations we condone.

At the time I created the above parody artwork Amnestly International seemed to be sitting with the chestnut palings firmly wedged.

Clara Ponsati found refuge in Scotland. Madrid issued an erroneous extradition request. She handed herself in to the police in Scotland. She became a MEP so they say she’s free for the time being. (Updated Jan 2021)



The Covid 19 pandemic arrived after the fiefarts “Spoligotype 263” campaign. In light of the UK government’s failure to grasp the bTB spoligotype significance, I was not confident that they fully understand the vectors driving the transmission of the recent/new Covid variants. Are they again being selective in what scientific advice they take on board? Again they are applying a blanket policy to something with irregular characteristics.

Trials of the BioNTech vaccine concluded that 2 doses were required 4ish weeks apart. In order to stretch the rollout the UK government increased this interval to 12 weeks yet the trials did not test for this scenario. It is not a case of showing that it “seems to work like that” in a few people so it “should be OK”.

Of course the other angle is the vegan status of the vaccine. The vaccine, according to the BBC, is tested on Ferrets, Mice and Monkeys. In mid Jan 2021 the Devon Healthcare website FAQs stated that the vaccine is vegan. I emailed them asking for a correction because it is a failure of the informed choice and safeguarding policies to mislead people in this way.

The way I see it, the vaccine panic that demands fast-track testing is just another manifestation of the selfish, human, “must have” attitude that liberally spread the virus around the world in the first place. People are still flying around like they don’t give a shit. It has been suggested that the virus stemmed from perverse treatment of other animals by humans. So it starts and ends with perversion.

Berty Blob reckons that Covid deaths identified as being linked, via contact tracing, to breach parties should be treated as manslaughter and partygoers arrested and charged accordingly.

But Boris isn’t that serious about it is he? He stayed at his second home (Chequers) during the lockdown when everyone else was forbidden from doing so. He failed to fully condemn Cummy McCumface for visiting Barnard Castle. He does not inspire confidence.