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This page is included to test for functionality across a wide spectrum of browsers and devices. If giving me feedback please give me details of your device make/model and also the type and version of browser used. Some newer versions of browser might have different functionality. Thank you!

NAVIGATION BARS - When hovered by a laptop or desktop mouse pointer a menu section with sub-pages should drop down a submenu when hovered over. You click to go to that section heading page or you move the pointer to the submenu and select a sub-page. So for example “MUSIC” should give a submenu of artists when hovered. Some touchscreens can only tap without a hover equivalent and so the only way to get to the subpages is to go to the music section heading page and navigate via the yellow text hyperlinks. This is more time consuming and consumes bandwidth. Some ipads correctly sus out that the first tap should reveal the sub menu


MEDIA PLAYERS - The media player triggers the generic player in your web browser rather than download a sledgehammer. Here is the one I use:

WAITING  - Preview Clip

This may vary slightly according to browser type but in Chrome the media player should look something like this screenshot from my laptop.

That is, it should fit within the 310pix width green panel. Some are nasty big things that are too wide for the panel.


Thank you !!

Test purchase of a breath of air


This is for  me to check the paypal successful payment landing page.

FONTS - The fonts have been chosen to function on all devices. I was using comic sans ms but that got substituted with something nasty when viewed from apple devices.

YELLOW TEXT - In general for text other than the header nav bars yellow text denotes a hyperlink or other button type functionality. This may be a link to another page or just reveal an otherwise hidden item on the existing page.

SHOP SLIDER PANELS - In order to reduce the scrolled screen height and avoid an in-your-face sales pitch each product display is made up of stacked panels. The underlying panels are swipe activated or by click/tap from the yellow text tabs. Do both the swipe and tap methods work on your device?